an Nft with purpose

By purchasing a Hedgie you support autism charities across the globe, you help fund the animated short film Sam the Hedgehog, and become a part of a cutting edge technology-driven community.

The Traits

Just like the film we are creating, our NFTs are our pride and joy and we hope to create NFTs that provide each purchaser with a connection to the film with each Hedgie having unique properties based on sets and props hand-crafted by MAAN Creative‘s artists for the film.

Galaxis logo


By partnering with Galaxis (formerly Ether Cards) we are including exciting utility traits that entitle owners to benefits and perks within our community, and technology that allows each NFT to also educate and demonstrate the unique and varied lives of those with autism.


Each NFT is comprised of multiple visusal traits: from hairstyle and prickle colour, to facial expressions, props and backgrounds.

These traits often demonstrate a connection to the film or to highlight specific autism characteristics from Sam, our main character.

Utility Traits

Using Galaxis’ technology, we are adding additional layers to our NFTs that entitle holders of these traits to different perks within our community.


Where possible, we are making each visual layer in our NFT collection possess a clickable trait icon corresponding to its unique artwork. The description in these traits give the NFT the ability to educate the viewer on the film’s message and even help the viewer to learn something about autism!

Backgrounds, props and even poses of each Hedgie used in the NFTs correspond to sets, props and behavior of Sam from the film.