Mint is LIVE!
Mint is LIVE!

Mint a Crypto Hedgie and help us support Autism Acceptance1 by finishing the
first NFT-funded animated short2 film

In a Nutshell

Minting 81283 Crypto Hedgies at 0.05 ETH each

Launching 2 APRIL 2022

1 75% of all the money raised from this endeavour will go directly to established autism charities, funding the film and bootstrapping further projects in support of autism! Think books, a TV series….the sky’s the limit!
2 Yeah ok, humour us a little. We know there are a few other projects out there also creating movies but, because our film is already more than halfway done, we think we will be the first to the finish line as we just need a bit more help to finish!
3 2^6*(2^7-1) – yes, this number even has its own Wikipedia page!

31 March 2022

Main sale:
2 April – 30 June 2022



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We are so humbled by the community that has coalesced around this project and it really makes a difference.

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